Our History

The Symphony story began with the purchase of Sheridan Gardens (now Symphony Bronzeville) with a goal to provide quality care to Chicago residents.
Crown Point exterior

Over the course of the next several years, Symphony acquired a number of other buildings as skilled nursing centers.

With the idea that technology and innovation had a place in healthcare, Symphony began shifting the traditional notion of senior care, turning assisted living centers with nursing home components into nursing homes with assisted living spaces attached. This way, guests could seek rehabilitation and immediately find living accommodations in a community to which they had already become accustomed. From there, Symphony began partnering with other nursing homes around the city and even building new ones.
David Hartman

In 1997, Hartman’s son, David, joined the Symphony family, eventually working his way up from housekeeping to building administration to (current) CEO.

A truly family-run business, Symphony started expanding outside the city, acquiring locations in central Illinois and even Arizona. Then, in 2008, Symphony began exploring a new concept called “transitional care” that combined the short-term needs of recovery with the resort feel of a hotel stay. With a goal of providing a luxury feel, Symphony opened its first medical resort center that allowed guests to recover in the warmth and convenience of a private suite.

Orchard Valley Patio

With a vision for unified care across the organization, Symphony quickly began building an impressive reputation around the city as one of the most well-known names and employers in post-acute care.

Since then, Symphony has welcomed or built new care centers in Illinois, Northwest Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. With a total of 28 locations across the Midwest, Symphony is considered one of the nation’s most innovative leaders in post-acute care and management services.

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